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Laser Fat Loss Removal From New Mexico’s #1 Body Contouring Specialist:

  • One day results: Targeted fat removal from love handles, abs, hips, thighs and chin

  • FDA-cleared with no downtime

  • Affordable financing available

  • Can help you lose inches of fat

  • Less Invasive Procedure than Traditional Liposuction

  • Pain Free Alternative to Coolscultping

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How it Works

Your Transformation Is Easier Than You Think

Why Choose Us?

Albuquerque Laser Lipo offers the latest medical laser technology to help patients shed those unwanted deposits of fat wherever it appears on the body. This exciting new procedure is called laser lipo, which is a safe and effective alternative to liposuction. If you are searching for non-invasive, non surgical weightloss procedure, this is the perfect fit. Call us for a free consultation.

Dr Plaman - Laser Fat Removal Specialist

Meet Our Laser Lipo Physician | Dr. Michael Plaman

Albquerque Laser lipo is performed by our New Mexico licensed Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Michael Plaman. Dr. Plaman has operated CareMore Chiropractic Centers throughout New Mexico since 1978. Impressed by the safety and efficacy of this latest medical laser liposuction technology, Dr. Plaman decided to offer his patients and the community a gentler way for fat reduction than the invasive liposuction that is currently being offered in the body contouring industry.

Over the years Dr. Plaman has listened to the frustrations of his many patients who could not seem to reduce their waistlines no matter what they did. They described their weight as “being stuck” at a certain point. After attending a medical convention which showcased the latest medical laser for fat reduction, Dr. Plaman researched the efficacy of this type of treatment. He wanted to know if this easy and painless procedure “was too good to be true” so he first did the procedure himself. After immediately losing an inch off his waistline after the first 40 minute treatment, he knew he was on to something good. He is pleased and proud to be able to share this new non invasive laser lipo technology with his patients and anyone else who has experienced the intense frustration of having “stubborn fat deposits”.

Liposuction Alternative

Laser lipo is perfect for those individuals who don’t want to endure the pain, risk, and downtime of liposuction surgery. As an added bonus, this new amazing laser lipo technology cost is about 75% less than surgical liposuction and 50% less than Coolsculpting. Find out the difference between non-invasive lipo. Call (505) 225-7119 to get a no obligation consultation and see if its right for you.

Before & After Laser Lipo

  • woman before and after laser fat loss body treatment

Laser Fat Reduction in Double-Blind University Studies Proven Effective.

Participants lost 3 to 7 inches of girth and 12 to 20 pounds of weight from a laser fat reduction.  Maximum results were seen in patients who utilized this technology in combination with a sensible diet and minimal exercise.

ABQ Laser lipo uses a body contouring system using cold laser fat reduction technology.

As a liposuction alternative it is completely painless and non surgical.  Because Laser Lipo is non surgical there is no bruising, bleeding, or swelling as often occurs with the invasive procedure of surgical liposuction. 

When patients have our laser body sculpting treatment, they are immediately able to return to work or other activities without pain or unwanted side effects!  This a non-surgical procedure is fast effective and safe.

Laser lipo technology is safely used on most parts of the body such as the chin, arms, thighs, back of knees, legs, and of course, the abdomen. This type of laser lipo treatment is for all body types.

Many people feel that their body shape is not proportional and they are looking for an effective way to sculpt their body contours.

Some people who are not overweight still have unwanted pockets of fat that no amount of diet and exercise have been able to get rid of. 

This new innovative laser technology is able to target those problem areas and restore the body to a more youthful and proportional appearance.

See What Our Real Laser Body Contouring Clients Have To Say:

“No more muffin tops!! I can’t believe that after 5 treatments I lost so much.  I could have never done this in the gym in such a short time!”

“After the first couple of treatments, I could really tell the difference.  My knees no longer look saggy.”


“I’m in utter shock!  It’s too good to be true.  I lost 2″ in 2 days.  Nothing I have tried has given me these results so quickly.  I actually can see the contouring.  I am hooked…”


“Best thing I ever invested in for myself! I love the results.”


“I lost (4) four inches in my stomach on my first Lapex BCS (LipoLaser) session!  I have went down (2) two pant sizes since starting.”


“…After just one treatment with the Lapex 2000 I was completely amazed at the results!  I actually had a jawline!  And there was no pain and no downtime.  I wish this technology had been here earlier.”


“Thank you for helping fit into my wedding dress.  My pictures turned out awesome.  Everyone commented on my slim figure.”


“After I looked in the mirror, the first three words out of my mouth were WOW! WOW! WOW! Thank you Dr. Plaman for giving me a jawline and chin. “

How Does Laser Fat Procedure Work?


The entire laser lipo procedure is completely painless.  Depending on the area to be treated, and how much fat you want to lose…

Frequently Asked Questions About Cold Laser Body Sculpting


Learn more about painless noninvasive laser liposuction and the benefits from this groundbreaking procedure.

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