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Laser Lipo Quick Facts

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser lipo is a new technology using the power of FDA approved lasers to shrink unwanted fat.

Laser liposuction is safe for women and men of all ages and all sizes who are interested in body contouring and/or fat reduction.

This noninvasive liposuction is completely painless.

The standard treatment protocol for laser liposuction in most individuals is 8 treatments. Each standard laser lipo session takes about 1 hour in the office. Our laser lipo Albuquerque is 100% guaranteed, so what do you have to lose?

The most common area requested for laser lipo is the abdomen. Other popular laser lipo treatment areas are love handles, thighs, upper arms, the inside of the knees, back bra strap area, upper chest in men, muffin tops, complete waistline, and chin and neck.

Laser lipo treatments are significantly lower in cost than traditional liposuction and can generally treat a broader area. At Albuquerque Laser Lipo we also offer multiple financing options so that cost is not a barrier to getting treatment.

As our name implies, at Albuquerque Laser Lipo we specialize in laser liposuction. Our four paddle multi-laser technology is the fastest and top non invasive liposuction equipment offered in the world today, producing consistently great results. We offer more lasers to treat an area so we produce the best possible results faster than anyone else who uses noninvasive laser lipo.

At Albuquerque Laser Lipo we do guarantee that you will have a measurable difference after your first treatment. At our free consultation ask to see examples of our work. For more complete details, please visit our website at or call us at (505) 435-5476.

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