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What Celebrities Say About Non-Invasive Liposuction

Mitch English on Laser Lipo

Mitch English is the talented and dynamic host/weather anchor for The Daily Buzz.  For those of you who haven’t seen the show, The Daily Buzz is an early morning news show, current topics, and weather show that is syndicated to over 160 nationwide TV markets. As a well veteran of the show and occasional standup comic, Mitch has to look his best and be fully present and energized on a daily basis.  That’s why the new technology of laser lipo was the ideal solution for him to restore his body and face to a more youthful look without time off from the set.  

A laser lipo representative recently met with Mitch to ask him how he felt about his experience with Dr. Michael Plaman and his laser lipo treatment.

If you missed Dr. Michael Plaman live on The Daily Buzz, see what TV personality Mitch English has to say about his recent laser lipo experience:

InterviewerBefore you learned about the new technology of laser lipo, have you ever considered a surgical solution like liposuction?

Mitch: “After seeing some videos of liposuction on TV, I thought there was no way I was going to subject myself to that.  It looked like the doctor was stabbing the patient! It hurts just thinking about it.”

Interviewer:  Were you skeptical of laser lipo and what it might do to you?

Mitch: “At first, I thought it might leave marks or something.  But after I learned more about it, the way it worked noninvasively and painlessly with no side effects, it just made sense to me”.

Interviewer: Were you happy with the laser lipo treatment

Mitch:  “Most definitely! The results that Dr. Plaman was able to achieve surpassed my expectations.  Comparing my before and after pictures were amazing. I could hardly believe how well it worked.”

Interviewer:  Did you feel any pain or discomfort during the treatments?

Mitch:  “The most painful thing about the entire experience was standing on the weight scale at the initial visit and staring down at my weight.  But the procedure itself was completely painless.”

Interviewer:  In your profession, you depend upon your image. So was it scary to have Dr. Plaman perform facial contouring on you?

Mitch:  “No, because I trusted him completely  I saw his other before and after photos and knew he did good work. I also knew he used the procedure himself.  It’s not like the baker who prepares the food himself and won’t eat it.

Interviewer:  How has laser lipo treatment impacted you?

Mitch:  ” I feel like Dr. Plaman pulled me out of the hole I was in.  I had been trying to lose weight through diet and exercise but I had reached a plateau. It got to the point where it seemed like nothing I was doing was making much of a difference.  Then, with laser lipo treatments things started happening right away. I quickly began to lose inches and pounds. By my 7th treatment, I had already lost 8 inches around my waistline. It’s very motivating and encouraging, especially after feeling stuck for so long.”

Interviewer:  Do you feel that the treatments have impacted you professionally?

Mitch:  “Absolutely laser lipo has made a difference.  It’s given me more confidence in front of the camera.  I’m not worried about how fat I look on TV. I can focus on job and therefore I perform better.

Interviewer:  It sounds like you’re very pleased with the results for yourself. Would you recommend the treatment to others?

Mitch:  ” Yes, I’d recommend the treatment to everyone BUT my competitors! I wanna be the only who looks skinny. Seriously though, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend laser lipo to everyone.

Interviewer:  Thanks for sharing your experience with everyone. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Mitch:  “Yes, since treatment I notice a lot of little improvements that I really appreciate.  For example, the air flight back to Orlando was so much more comfortable.  I wasn’t overflowing into the seat beside me. I don’t need to ask for a “seat belt extender” so it can fit around my waist. I can tie my shoes more easily and even tie the bow in the middle instead of the side. My pants are looser and more comfortable.   After laser lipo, I look better but even more importantly, I feel better.”

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